Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

Logos Nursery School


We are Logos International School's Nursery and Kindergarten.

We are characterized for being an international, private, private and mixed Spanish education system with full immersion in English until the age of 6.

We are located in a building built specifically for the development of all our activities, giving absolute priority to the needs of our students and their environment.

In Logos Nursery School we are located in the urbanization El Cantizal in Las Rozas de Madrid . Logos Nursery was designed with the idea of providing children with their own independent facilities, in which they can develop a language immersion project, in a space at the forefront of issues such as modernity, safety, brightness, comfort, functionality, giving absolute priority to the needs of our students and environment.

History Logos Nursery School


During these years of operation we have witnessed numerous visits from educational entrepreneurs, pedagogues, as well as international delegations from other countries to verify the results of our language immersion program and the mathematics, multisensory, swimming and cultural projects we work with.



Thanks to the work of the pedagogical managers, architects, designers, and other professionals involved in the project, the new center was inaugurated in October 2004, at which time the students were moved to the new facilities.

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English language teaching, values formation, effort, as well as sports education, have always been pillars in the formation of excellent students.

Once the infant stage is finished, our students continue their studies at Logos International School, located in the Molino de la Hoz urbanization.

Every year we make a visit with the Logos Nursery School students to the senior school, Logos International School, to familiarize them with the facilities where they will be running and learning in a short period of time.

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