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Multisensory Project

Cultural Project

Multisensory Project

Multisensory Project

We use the whole process of multisensory methodology throughout the Infant stage because we consider our senses as the first vehicle that children have for the knowledge of themselves and the world.

The Snoezelen concept integrates in a single word that the world in which we live awakens our five senses. A mixture of sensations of smells, tastes, lights and various tactile experiences. Our sensory organs: ears, mouth, eyes, nose and skin channel all our multisensory experiences.

Together with the senses we also incorporate vestibular development, which is the one that affects movement (balance, imbalance,...).


Through the Multisensory Project we achieve the necessary stimuli for the proper development of:

Snoezelen is a contraction in Dutch of two words: "snuffelen" and "doezelen" meaning "to smell" and "to relax".

Snoezelen Space

In Logos Nursery, as a private nursery school in Las Rozas de Madrid, we are committed to innovation in both pedagogical and educational spaces. So we created a Snoezelen Room, a completely magical space, where children can live a multisensory experience from the first moment they open the door and that would be difficult to do in their day to day.

Through sound, smell, light effects... children awaken all their senses in a playful space. This will be the perfect vehicle to activate their brain.

In addition to awakening all their senses through their own experimentation, the little ones discover a space where they can practice:

  • Relaxation, through the sensation of well-being and leisure
  • Self-control
  • Concentration

What do we achieve with multisensory stimulation?

  • Self-recognition. What he feels, what is provoked by all these stimuli and how he reacts individually with respect to the environment.
  • Recognition before their peers, their peers to be able to interact much more easily.
  • We encourage decision making (when faced with a proposal, they choose how to carry it out).
  • Self-esteem
  • Research discovery is stimulated
  • Communication is facilitated
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