Guidance Department
Guidance Department
Guidance Department
Guidance Department
The school has a stable psycho-pedagogical office that carries out the control and follow-up of the students through periodic meetings with the tutors, elaborating the necessary observation guidelines according to the chronological and evolutionary age of the students to maintain the desired balance, as well as the necessary actions for the achievement of positive learning.

The Cabinet also takes care of the weekly monitoring of those students who require a specific follow-up in some of the objectives not achieved in the process of individual or social development, being an important support for the student, the family and the teacher.

High Abilities Program

Logos students who have specific needs, derived from a high intellectual capacity, work with personalized projects within the framework of our High Abilities Program.

The activities of our High Abilities Program contribute to the intellectual stimulation of the students and maintain their curiosity and motivation for learning; without forgetting the socio-emotional level.

These activities enrich and complement the official curriculum. They are also given the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in areas of their own choosing through experimentation, creation and research.

Featured projects

Research on non-polluting energies.

History and mythology

Creation and maintenance of the orchard.

Deepening in new technologies.

Visit to the Astrobiology Center.

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