Cultural Project

Musical and psychomotor stimulation project

Cultural Project

Musical and psychomotor stimulation project

In the first years of school, education should be as globalized as possible, which is why it is crucial to program closely intertwined activities such as psychomotor skills, rhythm, music and corporal expression. These forms of communication help the integral development of students, thanks to movement, music, dramatization and corporal expression.

Music and psychomotor skills

Music and psychomotor skills, intimately intertwined, help to promote and control the general coordination of movements, facilitate self-awareness, body control and the development of the capacity for bodily expression, and foster self-confidence.

We have classrooms exclusively for psychomotor skills to which we move to carry out the class. We establish some basic rules of behavior for this process that we call "Friendly Rules":

  • Go in line, without running or running over, and as quietly as possible: without disturbing those in their classrooms.
  • Do not fight for a place when arriving at the Musical and Psychomotor Stimulation space.
  • Wait patiently for your turn.
  • Use an appropriate tone, without shouting.
  • Collaborate in the collection of used elements.
  • Return to the classroom in an orderly fashion, just as when we left.

We rely on different materials to carry out the project (songs, puppets, image cards, foam modules, paints, hoops...) since experimentation with different materials favors the opportunity for multiple experiences.




Image files

Foam modules

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