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Swimming Project

Cultural Project

Swimming Project

Swimming is one of the most complete sports activities. This sport works and exercises the muscles, motor coordination and the circulatory and respiratory system. It also contributes to the development of the child's independence and self-confidence. That is why the swimming project is part of the curriculum in our school from the age of 2 years old.

For babies, the benefits are many. Swimming improves their cardiorespiratory capacities, favors their postural alignment and benefits their muscular coordination, developing their sensory and psychomotor skills.

Benefits of swimming

  • It helps the baby to start socialization without trauma.
  • Broadens the horizon of shared games.
  • Activates fun and playfulness.
  • Consolidates bonds of affection with family members.
  • It introduces self-care behaviors, making them extremely necessary habits.
  • Living together will help them to relate better and share activities with other people.


A qualified lifeguard will always be at the pool when the activity takes place. In addition, the children will be accompanied by two swimming teachers and the tutor.



We have a safety plan for risk prevention in the pool area.


We have separate changing rooms for girls and boys.

From 5 pm or on weekends you can join our Swimming School.

Call us and find out more.