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Commitment to the Family

Commitment to Families

At the Logos Nursery School, we are aware that our work should not remain solely in the transmission of knowledge, our objective is to form independent, accomplished children. Here teachers act as guides, so that pupils can discover their reference values: values such as respect, solidarity and humility.

We believe that communication between school and family is fundamental at this stage, so as both parents and teachers can work together to achieve objectives and goals.

Through our Solidarity and Commitment Department frequent activities are carried out, where pupils are imbued with the values of commitment and where they learn to empathize with their peers and surroundings. All pupils participate in the solidarity actions proposed, making the understanding of these concepts simple and efficient.

Solidarity should not be a simple gesture but a real commitment. Therefore, our commitment to families has led us to the creation of an aid and scholarship plan.

Aids and Discounts

Large families

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School route from El Cantizal to Molino de la Hoz free for families with children in both schools.

Nursery Check

Families can benefit from scholarships granted by CAM (Comunidad de Madrid) for early childhood education.

Early Registration

In the visits to the campus we offer you all the details about these discounts.


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