Cultural Project

Swimming project

Cultural Project

Swimming project

Swimming is one of the most complete sports activities. With this sport we work and exercise muscles, motor coordination and the circulatory and respiratory system. It also contributes to the development of the child's independence and self-confidence this being why the swimming project is curricular from 2 years onwards at Logos Nursery.

For babies, the benefits of swimming are numerous. Swimming improves cardio-respiratory capabilities, favours postural alignment, it contributes to muscle coordination and develops sensory/ psychomotor abilities. It also:

  • Helps a baby to begin to socialize without causing trauma.
  • Widens the horizon of shared games and activities.
  • Activates the fun and the spirit of the game.
  • Consolidates bonds of affection with relatives.
  • Introduces self-care behaviors, turning them into highly necessary habits.
  • Also, being close to others helps a child to relate better and share activities.


In the pool, at all times, there will always be a certified lifeguard plus two teachers and tutor who will accompany their pupils when this activity is in process.



A safety plan has been established to prevent any risks in the pool area.


There are independent changing rooms for girls and boys.

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