The activity is intended to be the ideal starting point to learn basic notions of computers, electronics and digital skills through fun games that encourage creativity and cooperation.

Resources specially designed for neo-literates are used, which bring them closer to the directional language and programming, while working on psychomotor skills, concentration development and manual skills.

Methodology of work                                                        

At the beginning of the class, the group is brought together to explain what activities and learning will take place during the class. Then, they are divided into 3 small groups.

 Work is done by corners, which allows several activities to be carried out during the same class, so that children do not lose their concentration and motivation for robotics.

 In one corner, the main activity of the day is developed, much more directed, and in the others, supervised activities that develop their creativity and learning independence. In these supervised corners, using materials that have already been seen in class, they are encouraged to deepen their knowledge or skills through guides.

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