One of the most frequent questions we get from parents is why babies seem to magically calm down when we hold them in our arms and stand up. This common experience is rooted in a combination of biological and emotional factors that make physical contact and movement so comforting to little ones. Let's explore this fascinating phenomenon.

1. Emotional Bonding and Security:

From the moment they are born, infants rely on emotional connection with their caregivers to feel secure. Physical contact, such as holding them in our arms, provides a sense of warmth and protection. When we stand with them, the vertical angle adds an additional layer of security by allowing them to see the world from a new perspective, which can be both stimulating and reassuring at the same time.

This close contact also allows them to perceive your scent and hear your heartbeat, reminding them of the womb, an environment they know and associate with security.

2. Movement and Rhythmic Swaying:

Movement has an innate power to soothe babies. When you stand up and begin to walk or sway gently, you are replicating the type of movement that babies experience in the womb during pregnancy. This rhythmic movement mimics the swaying they feel in the womb when walking or performing daily activities.

This type of movement has a calming effect on babies' nervous systems, releasing endorphins and reducing stress. In addition, rhythmic rocking can also help regulate babies' vestibular system, contributing to a stronger sense of balance.

3. Curiosity and Visual Stimulus:

When we stand with a baby in our arms, we provide them with a new visual perspective of the environment that can be both stimulating and distracting. Babies are naturally curious and the change in vision from being elevated can positively engage their attention.

As they visually explore their surroundings from an elevated position, they can observe faces, colors and patterns that provide them with a richer sensory experience. This visual distraction can help calm them by shifting their focus from any discomfort or uneasiness they may be experiencing.


In short, the combination of physical contact, rhythmic movement and a new visual perspective contribute to the magic of why babies calm down when we hold them in our arms and stand up. Not only does this phenomenon have physiological benefits by regulating their nervous system, but it also strengthens the emotional bond between baby and caregivers. So the next time you encounter a fussy baby, try holding him or her, standing up and enjoying the calming power of this simple action.

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