Summer is here, and the little ones have a well-deserved rest period that comes with more free time. Sometimes parents run out of ideas when it comes to thinking of activities to play with them and have fun.

From Logos Nursery School in Las Rozas , we would like to share with you four ideas of games to play with children in summer, some classic and others more innovative.

We hope you find them useful, and that you have fun, but above all that you enjoy them very much and that they refresh you in passing.😉

Water balloons:

A classic that never disappoints. For just a few cents we can buy a bag of water balloons that will provide hours and hours of fun on long summer days. You can play to pass the balloon closely with the little ones, or increase the distance with the older ones.

We can also play to break balloons without hands, that is, with the body, mouth, etc.; or the "hot potato" water balloon and also of course the best known: "water balloon battle" for the older ones. What fun!

Name and find:

For the little ones at home, this game encourages attention and language development. It consists of playing with them to hide and find objects: first the parents explain the name of the objects and their color, then they hide and have to find them.

You can give them some clues when they are near their location, to make it more enjoyable and fun.

Giant bubbles:

If your kids like bubbles, they'll have a blast with this cool game. Simply tie two sticks together with a straight string and another one in the shape of a semicircle. The first one should be about 35 centimeters long and the second one twice that length. Then mix water and dishwashing liquid in a bowl.

Finally, just wet the rope and drag it through the air. After that, all that's left is to spend a nice summer afternoon or morning making spectacular bubbles.

Water races:

Put the children in pairs and place two pairs of buckets on the floor, about ten meters apart from each other. The A buckets will be full and the B buckets empty. Each pair will have to carry a sponge from one bucket to the other, but without touching them with their hands! They will have to use their imagination and carry it, holding it with their heads or back to back.

The first pair to get all the water from bucket A to bucket B wins, of course. But all participants will win in refreshment and fun.


We wish you a happy summer 😎.

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