The school canteen plays an important nutritional and educational role. It contributes to the acquisition of small eating habits and is a space for both socialization and conviviality.

A healthy diet is essential for the development of children, but it is also very important to acquire healthy eating habits, for example, respecting meal times brings multiple advantages that contribute to their safety and peace of mind.

Benefits of the school lunchroom

The following are some of the benefits of the school lunchroom for both children and families:

1. Schedules and routines are respected.

Children always eat at the same time, at a set time and accompanied by educators or assistants.

2. Gain autonomy

Children become independent and learn to eat on their own. They will gradually assimilate the correct use of cutlery and other utensils, as well as the adoption of a correct body posture when eating.

3. A space for socializing

Children spend time with their peers in a more relaxed and enjoyable environment that allows them to socialize.

4. Rules are respected

Each school cafeteria establishes its own rules regarding schedules, clothing, hand washing, what to do after eating, among others. The child will naturally transfer the habits learned in the school cafeteria to his or her home.

5. Acquisition of healthy eating habits

School plays a leading role in the acquisition of healthy eating habits. It is common for children to become accustomed to eating certain foods at school that they usually reject at home thanks to the process of imitation by their peers. In addition, school canteens are specialized in offering a complete, balanced and healthy meal, with nutritionally adequate portions according to the age and weight of the child. Most menus are prepared by nutritionists for a healthy and balanced diet.

School canteen service

The school canteen should be a complementary pedagogical tool for the acquisition of habits and routines that effectively intervene in the health, hygiene and nutrition of children. For this, it is necessary that the school promotes certain activities that contribute to the formation of social and cultural habits about food.

It also works as a help for families, being vital the reinforcement at home of these habits and routines acquired at school. For example, meals should also be balanced and contain vegetables, meat, fish, among others. It is also important to promote the preparation of food as a family in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

At Logos Nursery School, a nursery school located in Las Rozas de Madrid, we have a dining room service with our own kitchen that allows us to adjust to the individual needs of each child, such as allergies, in order to offer a nutritionally healthy diet that in turn allows them to acquire very beneficial habits for their physical and mental development.


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